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Advertise on CNNI (International)

Phone number to advertise on CNNI is 888-449-2526 (US Only) Overseas callers leave message in English at 1714-927-0495 (International “Best to use contact form”)

Advertising internationally is as simple as calling us or filling out the form on this page.

You will find the best remnant US or international rates here. Ask for your rate card, media kit and the best rates on the planet!

Here is a list of important details and shows you should advertise on!

Advertise on CNN International:

CNN International Asia Pacific, based in Hong Kong SAR,
CNN International Europe/Middle East/Africa, based in London, United Kingdom
CNN International Latin America, based in Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.
CNN International Middle East, based in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
CNN International North America, based in Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.
CNN International South Asia, based in New Delhi, India

Anchors and hosts list for CNNI advertising:

Christiane Amanpour – anchor of Amanpour., chief international correspondent
Anderson Cooper – anchor of Anderson Cooper 360°, CNN U.S. Anchor, correspondent
Erin Burnett – anchor of Erin Burnett Outfront, CNN U.S. Anchor
Becky Anderson – anchor of Connect the World with Becky Anderson
Zain Asher – anchor of CNN Newsroom and presenter of Market Place Africa
Don Lemon – anchor of CNN Tonight, CNN U.S. Anchor, correspondent
Wolf Blitzer – anchor of Wolf, CNN U.S. Anchor, correspondent
Fareed Zakaria – anchor of Fareed Zakaria GPS, CNN U.S. Anchor, correspondent
Samuel Burke – anchor of iReport, technology correspondent
Michael Smerconish – anchor of Smerconish, CNN U.S. Anchor, correspondent
Rosemary Church – anchor of CNN Newsroom
Amanda Davies – anchor of World Sport
Jake Tapper – anchor of State of the Union, CNN U.S. Anchor, chief washington correspondent
John Defterios – anchor of Marketplace Middle East
Max Foster – anchor, London correspondent
Hala Gorani – anchor of The World Right Now with Hala Gorani
Michael Holmes – anchor of CNN Today
Jonathan Mann – fill-in anchor
Lynda Kinkade – fill-in anchor
Richard Quest – anchor of Quest Means Business, Marketplace Europe and Business Traveller
Don Riddell – anchor of World Sport
Laura McKeeman – anchor of World Sport
Shirley Robertson – presenter of MainSail
Isha Sesay – anchor of CNN Newsroom
Kristie Lu Stout – anchor of News Stream and On China
Manisha Tank – anchor, correspondent
Alex Thomas – anchor of World Sport
John Vause – anchor of CNN Newsroom, correspondent
Amara Walker – anchor of CNN Today

CNNI Meteorologists and correspondents for advertisers:

Jim Bittermann – Paris-based senior international correspondent
Matthew Chance – Moscow-based senior international correspondent
Anna Coren – international correspondent
Arwa Damon – Beirut-based senior international correspondent
Nima Elbagir – senior international correspondent
Sara Ganim – Atlanta correspondent
Paula Hancocks – Seoul correspondent
Pedram Javaheri – meteorologist
Alison Kosik – New York Stock Exchange correspondent
Saima Mohsin – Bangkok based International correspondent
Paula Newton – Canada-special correspondent and fill-in anchor
Frederik Pleitgen – Berlin correspondent
Nic Robertson – senior international correspondent
Richard Roth – senior United Nations correspondent
Sara Sidner – senior international correspondent
Barbara Starr – Washington D.C. Pentagon correspondent
Nick Paton Walsh – senior international correspondent
Clarissa Ward – international correspondent

Call 888-449-2526 or message 1-714-927-0495

Advertise on CNN in Airports too!

CNN Airport Network airs in 47 airports across the United States. CNN Airport alternates between live CNN and HLN programming; it also airs additional weather, business and travel segments designed for air travelers. CNN Airport also airs full-length live NFL games, including playoffs and the Super Bowl; full-length NBA games including playoffs; select full-length games from the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament; and select full-length MLB post-season games.
CNN Airport broadcasts 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with around-the-clock technical and editorial staffing. Because it broadcasts in public waiting areas, CNN Airport will not air graphic video coverage of commercial air accidents or incidents, unless the incident involves a national emergency or threat to security. CNN Airport also screens out material that is either sexually explicit or portrays graphic violence.

Advertising rates for HLN (Headline news)

Advertising sales contact phone number toe HLN News is 888-449-2526. Get the best rates and advertising schedules today. Reach a fast moving audience with high HHI and purchasing power in the cross-platform wide demographic news environment. Get your free advertising media plan, and the cheapest remnant television and TV advertising rates in the world. Call today 888-449-2526.

Advertisers and viewers like the rolling news coverage, HLN is popular with people who are in a rush and don’t have time to watch lengthy news reports. Headline News is a favorite at airports, bars, and many other places. Throughout the United States.
The channel’s program audio was also simulcast on AM radio stations across the country via Westwood One; all of CNN’s U.S. radio operations (including the HLN simulcast) were discontinued on April 1, 2012 as part of Westwood One’s dissolution into Dial Global. The audio feed is also carried on XM Satellite Radio channel 123 and Sirius Satellite Radio channel 116.

For advertising rate card or media kit call 888-449-2526

Beginning in the mid-2000s, the channel has been available in certain countries outside the United States, particularly in Asia, Latin America, Middle East and North Africa.
While the international feed’s program lineup is exactly the same as that seen in the U.S., weather forecasts for Asian and Latin American, Middle East and North African Cities in the cities are used as break fillers in lieu of commercials.

Anchors and reporters
Ashleigh Banfield (HLN & CNN)
Jean Casarez (HLN & CNN)
Carol Costello (HLN)
Mike Galanos (HLN)
Susan Hendricks (HLN)
Erica Hill (HLN & CNN)
Robin Meade (HLN)
Christi Paul (HLN & CNN)
Michaela Pereira (HLN)
Lynn Smith (HLN)
Bob Van Dillen (HLN)
Jennifer Westhoven (HLN)
Coy Wire (HLN)

HLN’s weekday lineup:

Morning Express, a morning news program hosted by Robin Meade, joined by Bob Van Dillen, Jennifer Westhoven and Coy Wire, followed by MichaeLA, broadcast from Los Angeles and hosted by Michaela Pereira, and afternoon program On the Story, a news program hosted by Erica Hill. During the evenings, HLN broadcasts Primetime Justice, a news program hosted by Ashleigh Banfield which focuses on legal and social issues.
HLN’s remaining dayparts primarily feature reruns of the former CourtTV series Forensic Files. As of April 2016, the program took up about 58% of the channel’s weekly schedule. In March 2017, HLN executive Ken Jautz stated that the network was making an effort to produce more original series; some of the new series that will premiere later in the year, including Beyond Reasonable Doubt, Something’s Killing Me, Inside Secret Places with Chris Cuomo, and the second season of How it Really Happened.